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Blue Sky Playboys

About The Group

The name of the Blue Sky Playboys came up in a 1954 magazine article, a three man group working over radio station KSIL in Silver City, New Mexico. The article shows the gentlemen as quite talented musicians by the variety of instruments they played that made the audience think they were a larger group.

Eddie Potts, a Texas native, was said to be a veteran entertainer, having played for several Western and Hillbilly groups coast to coast. He did the emcee chores, sang vocals and played rhythm guitar, but could also use the bass strings on the guitar to come up with a bass fiddle sound when needed.

Johnny Johnson was from Oklahoma, playing the fiddle. They wrote he had re-worked the bridge on his fiddle so that he could play up to a three-part harmony.

Finally, New Mexico native Julian McSherry played the drums for the group.

Timeline & Trivia Notes
Group Members:

  • Eddie Potts, emcee, vocalist, rhythm guitar, drums
  • Johnny Johnston, fiddle
  • Julian McSherry, drummer

Credits & Sources

  • Country Song Roundup; No. 34; September 1954; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT

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