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Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle
WNOX Midday Merry-Go-Round
WRVA Old Dominion Barn Dance
WSM Grand Ole Opry
KWTO Springfield, MO
WNOX Knoxville, TN
WRNL Richmond, VA
WRVA Richmond, VA
WSM Nashville, TN

About The Group

Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle - WRNL - Richmond, VA - Circa 1940's

Promo Ad - Men's Bible Class - Leigh Street Baptist Church - Richmond, VA - Carter Sisters - September 1944
Promo Ad - Whittles Supper Club - Knoxville, TN - Texas Todd - Carter Sisters - May 1949
Promo Ad - Bainbridge Junior High School - Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle - Sunrise Hillbillies 0 Richmond, VA - September 28, 1944

Promo Ad - Mosque Theater - Richmond, VA - Carter Sisters - Mother Maybelle - Chet Atkins - Jackie Osborne - Looney Luke - January 26, 1949
Promo Ad - Iberia (MO) High School Auditoirum - Carter Sisters - Maybelle Carter - February 24, 1950

Portait - Carter Sisters - June, Anita, Helen - Maybelle - WRVA Circa 1940's

Sketch - Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle - Cowboy Songs - July 1951

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20920 A Foggy Mountain Top
  20920 A Foggy Mountain Top
  20920 B Fair And Tender Ladies
  20920 B Fair and Tender Ladies
  20974 A Sun's Gonna Shine In My Back Door
  20974 B I Never Will Marry
  21138 A He's Solid Gone
  21138 A Wildwood Flower
  21138 B He's Solid Gone
  21138 B Wildwood Flower
  21184 A You Are My Flower
  21184 B I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
  21262 A Well I Guess I Told You Off
  21262 B My Destiny
  21316 A He Went Slippin' Around
  21316 B Are You Afraid To Remember Me?
Columbia Sacred Series
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20986 A Softly And Tenderly (vocal by Carl Smith)
  20986 B Amazing Grace (vocal by Carl Smith)
  21110 A The Nail-Scarred Hand (vocal by Carl Smith)
  21110 B We Shall Meet Someday (vocal by Carl Smith)
  21192 A How About You (vocal by Carl Smith)
  21192 B I'll Be List'ning (vocal by Carl Smith)
Coronet (Australia)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  KW-001 A Wildwood Flower
  KW-002 B Louisiana Swing (This side Johnny Bond)
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  21-0142 A Crocodile Tears (vocal by June Carter)
  21-0142 B Grandma Told Me So (vocal by June Carter)
  48-0050 A Why Do You Weep Dear Willow?
  48-0050 B (This Is) Someone's Last Day
  48-0105 A A Picture, A Ring And A Curl
  48-0105 B Walk A Little Closer
  48-0153 A The Day Of Wrath
  48-0153 B I've Got A Home Up In Glory
  48-0185 A The Day They Laid Mary Away
  48-0185 B Blue Skies And Sunshine
  48-0319 A Don't Wait
  48-0319 B Down On My Knees
  48-0355 A The Baldheaded End Of The Broom (vocal by June Carter)
  48-0355 B Root, Hog or Die (Vocal by June Carter)
  48-0372 A Little Orphan Girl
  48-0372 B God Sent My Little Girl
  48-0394 A Willow, Will You Weep For Me
  48-0394 B Gotta Find Me Somebody To Love
  48-0433 A I've Got My Share Of Trouble
  48-0433 B Columbus, G-A
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  45-1003 A No, No, It's Not So (w/Don Davis Band)
  45-1003 B Sweet Talking Man (w/Don Davis Band)

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