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Stanley Brothers
Bluegrass Hall of Honor (1992)
KWKH Louisiana Hayride

About The Group

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20577 A The White Dove
  20577 B Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet
  20590 A Let Me Be Your Friend
  20590 B Little Glass Of Wine
  20647 A Vision Of Mother
  20647 B Have You Someone
  20667 A Fields Have Turned Brown
  20667 B The Old Home
  20697 A Too Late To Cry
  20697 B I Love No One But You
  20735 A We'll Be Sweethearts In Heaven
  20735 B The Drunkard's Hell
  20770 A Hey! Hey! Hey!
  20816 A Lonesome River
  20816 B I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow
  20953 A The Wandering Boy
  20953 B Sweetest Love
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5155 A She's More To Be Pitied
  5155 B Train
  5165 A Midnight Ramble
  5165 B Love Me Darling Just Tonight
  5180 A Keep A Memory
  5180 B Mastertone March
  5197 A How Can We Thank Him
  5197 B That Home Far Away
  5210 A The Memory Of Your Smile
  5210 B Swanee River Hoedown
  5233 A White Dove
  5233 B Mothers Footsteps Guide Me On
  5269 A Mountain Girls Can Love
  5269 B A Man Of Constant Sorrow
  5291 A Sunny Side Of The Mountain
  5291 B Shenandoah Waltz
  5306 A Heaven Seems So Near
  5306 B How Far To Little Rock
  5313 A When Jesus Beckons Me Home
  5313 B Pass Me Not
  5347 A Mountain Dew
  5347 B Old Rattler
  5355 A Sweeter Than The Flowers
  5355 B Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday
  5367 A Mother Left Me Her Bible
  5367 B Over In Glory Land
  5384 A Daybreak In Dixie
  5384 B Finger Poppin' Time
  5415 A Old Love Letter
  5415 B Little Benny
  5441 A The Angel Of Death
  5441 B Jordan
  5460 A The Window Up Above
  5460 B The Wild Side Of Life
  5494 A Little Bessie
  5494 B Village Church Yard
  5518 A I'll Take The Blame
  5518 B I'd Worship You
  5557 A There Is A Trap
  5557 B Fast Express
  5582 A Jacob's Vision
  5582 B Thy Burden's Are Greater Than Mine
  5629 A String, Eraser And Blotter
  5629 B Still Trying To Get To Little Rock
  5637 A I'm Only Human
  5637 B Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
  5674 A My Deceitful Heart
  5674 B Drunkard's Dream
  5688 A I Just Came From Your Wedding
  5688 B Mama Don't Allow
  5708 A Who Will Sing For Me
  5708 B Drinking From The Fountain
  5732 A Old And In The Way
  5732 B Six Months Ain't Long
  5754 A Memories Of Mother
  5754 B Paul And Silas
  5763 A Lips That Lie
  5763 B He Went To Sleep - The Hogs Ate Him
  5809 A Stone Walls And Steel Bars
  5809 B Lonesome Night
  5869 A Don't Cheat In Our Home Town
  5869 B I See Through You
  5902 A A Crown He Wore
  5902 B John Three Sixteen
  5916 A Train 45
  5916 B I Just Stood There
  5920 A How Bad I Do Feel
  5920 B Bully of The Town
  5932 A He's Passing This Way
  5932 B Shoutin' On The Hills Of Glory
  5933 A He's Passing This Way
  5933 B Shoutin' On The Hills Of Glory
  5934 A Five String Drag
  5934 B Shout Little Lucie
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  70546 A Hard Times
  70546 B I Worship You
  71064 A The Flood
  71064 B I'm Lost I'll Never Find The Way
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  406 A Gonna Paint The Town
  406 B That Happy Night
  413 A Christmas Is Near
  413 B Holiday Pickin'
  438 A Trust Each Other
  438 B Maple On The Hill
  466 A Highway Of Regret
  466 B Another Night
  494 A Ridin' The Midnight Train
  494 B A Little At A Time
  506 A Rank Stranger
  506 B The Master's Bouquet
  522 A Little Maggie
  522 B God Gave You To Me
  546 A Don't Go Out Tonight
  546 B If I Lose
  565 A Carolina Mountain Home
  565 B Few More Seasons
  836 B Bonnie And Clyde's Getaway

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