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Ed Reimers

About the Disc Jockey

About The Disc Jockey / Emcee

Ed Reimers was one of the emcees on the old WHO Barn Dance Frolic radio show that aired over WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. They said his was the friendly voice folks would hear when the announcer said, "We return you to the studio for a commercial announcement."

They said he was seldom seen on the stage of the Barn Dance Frolic, yet listeners knew him for the many shows on WHO where he was the lead announcer.

Ed got his start on WHO in 1932 when he won an announcing contest.

The souvenir program mentions that he not only handled the studio commercials but also wrote many of the 'dramatic' Barn Dance Frolic skits.

  • Souvenir Program, W-H-O Barn Dance Frolic; date published unknown