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Ruby Falls
Born:  January 16, 1946
Died:  June 15, 1986

About The Artist

She was Bertha Bearden Dorsey from Jackson, Tennessee. Country music fans got to know her by her stage name, Ruby Falls. It has been written in several sources that she was among the most successful black female country music singers. But from our research so far, seemingly very little was written about her. But we will at least begin to document her career from what we have been able to find.

She began singing at a young age, in church or at local events. When she was a teenager, she moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She actually became a professional entertainer at that time and worked with several local bands including Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds as their lead singer.

By the late 1960's, Charley Pride was beginning to take the country music world by storm and providing perhaps a glimpse of opportunity for other black country music performers to be seen and heard.

In 1974, Ruby moved back to Tennessee - to Nashville. Her talents were recognized and soon found herself touring with Justin Tubb. Her ability to entertain audiences was well received, even in Las Vegas. She was discovered by Johnny Howard who signed her to a recording contract with the 50 States record label.

She was nominated as country music's most promising female vocalist in 1975.

In 1977, Ruby released "Do The Buck Dance", written by Charlie Fields and Donald Riis and produced by Johnny Howard and Chuck Fields. In October of 1977, her tune "You've Got To Mend This Heartache" was number 40. On the same chart, Charley Pride was No. 3 with "More To Me".

Billboard magazine reported that on July 14, 1979, Ruby and her band entertained at the Nashville 420 Grand National where she performed the Star Spangled Banner before a crowd of 18,000. Waylon Jennings was also on the bill. The race was broadcast on the Performance Racing Network.

In October 1980, she released "Bringing Home That Feeling", written by Ray Griff and produced by Johnny Howard and Charlie Fields.

She was managed by the Atlas Talent Agency in Nashville; Haze Jones was its president at the time. Around 1981 or so, they were booking what was termed "mini packages" that would feature a Grand Ole Opry or Hee! Haw! star accompanied by two other lesser known acts. Ruby toured with Justin Tubb and Doyle Holly and the Vanishing Breed during this time. She also worked with other country stars such as Faron Young, Jeannie Pruett, Del Reeves, Narvel Felts and Dave and Sugar.

According to Pamela Foster, her television appearances included such shows as The Ralph Emery Show, Nashville Today, Good Ol' Nashville Music and Music Hall America.

Ruby died suddenly at the age of 40 of a brain hemorrhage in Nashville. She was survived by her mother, Lillian Hightower and two daughters. No mention was made of whether she was or had married.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

50 States
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  31 A Sweet Country Music
  31 B Love Away The Wrong I'm About To Do
  33 A He Leves Me All To Pieces
  33 B Let's Spend Summer In The Country
  39 A Show Me Where
  39 B Somewhere There's a Rainbow Over Texas
  43 A Beware The Woman (Before She Gets Your Man)
  43 B Jump In The River Of Tears
  50 A Do The Buck Dance
  50 B Too Many Hurts, Too Many Heartaches
  56 A You've Got To Mend This Heartache
  56 B Love's Sweeter Than Sugar
  60 A Three Nights A Week
  60 B Give Me Some Lovin'
  63 A If That's Not Loving You (You Can't Say I Didn't Try)
  63 B Nobody's Baby But Mine
  67 A Song Of The Season
  67 B There's A Holiday Feeling In The Air
  70 A I'm Getting' Into Your Love
  70 B Midnight Rendezvous
  71 A Empty Arms and Teardrops (Sure Go Together)
  71 B
  77 A Bringing Home That Feeling
  77 B