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Grandpa Jitters
Born:  January 25, 1883
Died:  May 9, 1940
WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic
WHO Des Moines, IA

About The Artist

Albert Charles Ferguson or "Grandpa Jitters" as he was known, was born in Moline, Illinois. Around the time he was on the Iowa Barn Dance Frolic in about the late 30s, possibly 1939, he was already 50 years old they said.

They said he had played with Weber & Fields, Lillian Russell, McIntyre & Heath and Buster Keaton.

They said that if folks ever saw Grandpa Jitters in action, they said his dance steps were the "...despair of many a youngster."

Credits & Sources

  • Souvenir Program, W-H-O Barn Dance Frolic; Publication date, circa 1939