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Otto and His Novelodeons
WLS National Barn Dance

About The Artist

An interesting group that performed on the WLS Barn Dance. They could be humorous, then turn right around and do a serious number with the nicest music you could ever hear. So much of a contrast, that you may have wondered if they were the same group.

By 1939, they were a seven-piece orchestra. Each was said to be able to play at least two instruments. Otto was the leader and really a fine musician, though his comedy act as Little Genevieve was what he is remembered for most of the time.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group Members included:

  • Rene (Zeb) Hartley
  • Ted (Otto) Morse (known for his act as Little Genevieve)
  • George (Bill) Thall
  • Art Wenzel
  • Ted (Buddy) Gilmore