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Little Genevieve
WLS National Barn Dance

About The Artist

One of the comedy acts on WLS and the Barn Dance. He had a lot of fun doing this character who it appears was the opposite of what he was. Genevieve was tempermental, but Otto was easy to know and like.

Was the 'same person' as Otto, but 'confidentially', in a different mood. "She" was said to be the 'darling' of the Barn Dance. "She" did recitations, some singing and if the audience didn't appreciate her efforts, she would wail her heart out.

You had to like the way they wrote back then. "Her" singing was described as sweet "...as a rusty barn door hinge".

Timeline and Trivia Notes

  • Real name was Ted Morse also known as "Otto"
  • Otto, er Ted, also was part of the Novelodeons and the Virginia Hams groups on WLS