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Al and his Pals
KSGM Ste. Genevieve, MO

About The Artist

They were a band out of Southeast Missouri and Illinois. They were featured on radio station KSGM's "Ozark Opera" on Saturdays from 11:15am to noon. They like other bands, played many dance engagements and personal appearances. And were said to have made a few recordings.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group Members included:

  • "Smiley Al" Meyer, hot fiddle, vocalist and composer of such folk tunes as "Somebody Cares", "Waltzing With the Blues".
  • "Curley Locks" Earl Meyer, steel guitar
  • "Handsome Jess" Martin, rhythm guitar, vocals
  • "Hank" Arthur Meyer, bass player
  • "Bashful" Bill Whiteside, spanish guitar

Credits & Sources

  • From an early edition of Cowboy Song Magazine magazine.