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About The Artist

It took a bit of research to find out who "Pancakes" was. In our research of the old WLS Stand-By publications, we noted that this act was listed in the personal appearance section in the mid-1930s.

In the 1936 issue, we found mention of who "Pancakes" was or rather who we think he is.

The August 22, 1936 issue of WLS Stand-By contains the tidbit that helps us determine this person's identity.

Marjorie Gibson wrote in her "Fanfare" column that Bill Davis was the father of Shelby Jean Davis who appeared with her uncle, Karl Davis on the WJJD Suppertime Frolic. Marjorie also mentions that Bill was "...known as the black-face character known as Pancakes at Prairie Farmer mass meetings."

Credits & Sources

  • WLS Stand-By; August 22, 1936; Prairie Farmer; Chicago, IL