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Tommy Collins
Born:  September 28, 1930
Died:  March 14, 2000
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1999)
KNUZ Houston Home Town Jamboree

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High On A Hilltop

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  2584 A You Gotta Have A Licence
  2584 B There'll Be No Other
  2701 A You'd Better Not Do That
  2701 B High On A Hilltop
  2806 A Let Me Love You
  2806 B I Always Get A Souvenir
  2891 A You're For Me
  2891 B Watcha Gonna Do Now
  3017 A Untied
  3017 B Boob-I-Lak
  3082 A It Tickles
  3082 B Let Down
  3190 A I Guess I'm Crazy
  3190 B You Oughta See Pickles Now
  3289 A I'll Be Gone
  3289 B I Love You More And More Each Day
  3370 A Wait A Little Longer
  3370 B What Kind Of Sweetheart Are You
  3466 A That's The Way Love Is
  3466 B No Love Have I
  3591 A Wish I'd Died In My Cradle
  3591 B I'll Never, Never Let You Go
  3665 A All Of The Monkey's Ain't In The Zoo
  3665 B Don't You Love Me Anymore
  3789 A A Love Is Born
  3789 B I'm Nobody's Fool But Yours
  4263 A Little June
  4263 B A Hundred Years From Now
  4327 A Wreck Of The Old 97
  4327 B You Belong In My Arms
  4421 A Keep Dreaming
  4421 B Summer's Almost Gone
  4495 A Black Cat
  4495 B My Last Chance With You
  4962 A Take Me Back To The Good Ole Days
  4962 B When Did Right Become Wrong
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4-43628 a Shindig In The Barn
  4-43628 b Be Serious, Ann
  43628 A Be Serious, Ann
  43628 B Shindig In the Barn
  43972 A Birmingham
  43972 B Don't Wipe the Tears You Cry For Him (On My Shirt)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5073 A Jesse James
  5073 B Richard Eustis: Wild And Reckless Hobo
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  106 A Campus Boogie
  106 B Too Beautiful To Cry
  109 A Smooth Sailing
  109 B Fool's Gold
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  907 A Cigarette Milner
  907 B Roots Of My Raising
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  215 A To The Good Old Days