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Clarence (Cousin Clarence) Brown
Born:  March 12, 1910
Died:  February 11, 1980
KFH Barn Dance Frolic
KFH Wichita, KS

About The Artist

Cousin Clarence was the moniker given to him when Andy Crockett formed the first iteration of the Ark Valley Boys at KFH in Wichita in 1939. His name was Clarence Brown, Senior. He was known for his phrases such as "Well, good!" or "Shuckins yes!" and "Why Shore!"

A small booklet published in 1939 indicated he had appeared on about 30 different radio stations. Audiences had heard the "...wild shenanigans of this amusing youngster from the hills of (Yale) Oklahoma."

He first started entertaining folks in Kansas as a part of Paw Perkins' gang in Abilene.

Comedy was not his only talent. He played the fiddle, guitar, drums, bass, mandolin and banjo.

He would also on occasion do a "Popeye" impersonation.

They called him "Peck's Bad Boy of the Barn Dance Frolic."

He was a member of the "Smokehouse Trio" and the "Dizzy Duo."

It was revealed that he had a weakness for fried chicken and hot biscuits.

One of the routines he took part in was a roller skating waltz with none other than Aunt Lizzie Glutz. "She" was also one of his "hobbies" — trying to stay out of reach of her as she seemed to have a "thing" for Cousin Clarence. One could hear, "Well ... Good!"

He appeared on other KFH programs such as "Tea Time Jamboree."

Credits & Sources

  • Why Shore!; 1939; Andy Crockett's Ark Valley Boys; A. E. Crockett; Wichita, KS
  • Radio Highlights — Let's Get Acquainted; July 1, 1939; The Wichita Beacon; Wichita, KS
  • Today! Don't Miss These Highlights; July 22, 1939; The Wichita Beacon; Wichita, KS
  • KFH Today (Ad); February 14, 1940; The Wichita Eagle; Wichita, KS

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