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Lawanda Lindsey
Born:  January 12, 1953

About The Artist

Portrait - Lawanda Lindsey LaWanda Lindsey spent somewhat more than a decade as a professional country vocalist. In that period she chalked up fourteen songs on the Billboard listings (four in duets) and retired as an active performer at the age of twenty-five. Then she began a whole new career as a wife and mother.

Lindsey was born in Tampa, Florida, but as a child moved to Savannah, Georgia where her father managed country&western radio station WEAS and also had a country band. This gave young LaWanda the opportunity to develop her singing skills at an early age.

According to one story, fans were asking for her autograph before she could write her name. With such experience, one could hardly be surprised that she signed a contract with Chart Records at fourteen (her first record was "Beggars Can't Be Choosers") and had her first Billboard chart listing when barely sixteen (a duet with Kenny Vernon).

When she signed with Chart Records, Joe Taylor was her manager while Joe Gibson was her producer.

Chart Records Label - Lawanda Lindsey - Circa 1968 In 1970, one of her personal appearances took her to Hank Locklin's Nashville Room in Pensacola, Florida. It went so well for her and the audience; neither wanted to leave. Joe Taylor sent a note to Country Music Reporter magazine telling them that Lawanda did her last show there nearly in tears, capturing the audience and had a standing invitation to return there anytime.

After touring with Conway Twitty for a time, Lindsey joined Jamboree, U.S.A. at seventeen where one of her Chart singles "Wave Bye-Bye to the Man" appeared on a long-play album featuring a variety of WWVA stars. Through 1971, she had fourteen singles and three LPs during her time with Chart.

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Promo Ad - Amvets - Missoula MT - Lawanda Lindsey - Oct 1973
Promo Ad - Amvets - Missoula MT - Lawanda Lindsey - Mar 1974
Promo Ad - Amvets - Missoula MT - Lawanda Lindsey - Mar 1977

Promo Ad - Lawanda Lindsey - Ernest Tubb - Logan OH - Sep 1969 A feature article in Country and Western Hit Parade magazine in the fall of 1971 indicated that as a senior in high school (Robert W. Groves High School in Savannah), she was taping a syndicated television show with Stu Phillips in Louisville called "Music Place." She was also doing about six personal appearances a month around the country.

The next chapter in Lindsey's career took place in January 1972 when she became friends with Susan Raye who was the main female singer with the Buck Owens Show.

Through her influence LaWanda signed with the Owens controlled OMAC Agency that March, gained a new contract with Capitol Records, and relocated to Bakersfield. In addition to touring with Buck, she appeared several times on Hee Haw, of nine singles on Capitol, five made the Billboard listings, but none higher than no. 28.

When her contract ended, she signed with Mercury, and of three 45s, two entered the lower echelons of the charts. However, by the time her last single came out, LaWanda was leaving show business behind.

She married Bill Smith, Jr., moved to Albuquerque, and her life entered a new phase.

Promo Ad - Lawanda Lindsey - Jackson MS - 1971
Promo Ad - Lawanda Lindsey - David Houston - Rocky Mount NC - June 1971

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com would like to express its thanks to Ivan M. Tribe, author of Mountaineer Jamboree — Country Music in West Virginia and other books that can be found on Amazon.com and numerous articles in other publications for providing us with information about this artist.
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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  3652 A Today Will Be the First Day of the Rest of My Life
  3652 B Paint Me a Picture of Our Love
  3739 A Sunshine Feeling
  3739 B Love Makes the World Go Round
  3819 A Hello Trouble
  3819 B Your Tender Loving Care
  3875 A Hello Out There
  3875 B Top of the Morning to You
  3950 A I Ain?t Hangin? ?Round
  3950 B Your Monkey Won?t Be Home Tonight
  4048 A Comin? Down with Love
  4048 B Postcard Blues
  4094 A We?re Gonna Let the Good Times Roll
  4094 B Good Time Baby
  4127 A Let Your Fingers Do the Walking
  4127 B You?re the One I Was Born to Love
  4195 A A Matter of Pride
  4195 B Road, I?ll Follow You Down
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1019 A Beggars Can?t Be Choosers
  1019 B Faded Blue
  1036 A The Decline and Fall of Me
  1036 B Wave Bye-Bye to the Man
  1054 A I Did My Duty
  1054 B What Kind of Woman
  1063 A Eye to Eye (w/Kenny Vernon)
  1063 B Looking Over Shoulders (w/Kenny Vernon)
  5003 A Take Me Home
  5003 B Woman?s Intuition
  5024 A I?m Not Half as Strong
  5024 B Strike Three, You?re Out
  5042 A Partly Bill
  5042 B Making Waves
  5055 A Pickin? Wild Mountain Berries (w/Kenny Vernon)
  5055 B We Don?t Know Each Other (w/Kenny Vernon)
  5076 A We?ll Sing in the Sunshine
  5076 B I?ll Just Take Your Word for It, Baby
  5090 A Let?s Think About Where We?re Going (w/Kenny Vernon)
  5090 B Puzzles of My Mind (w/Kenny Vernon)
  5107 A Day of Our Love
  5107 B No Matter How You Do Me
  5114 A The Crawdad Song (w/Kenny Vernon)
  5114 B Wrong Number (w/Kenny Vernon)
  5129 A You Make My Day
  5129 B Why Should I Care
  5144 A Partin? of the Ways
  5144 B Say It with Flowers
  5153 A I Wish I Was a Little Boy Again
  5153 B Time Heals All Wounds
  5177 A One Time too Many
  5177 B Partly Bill
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  55007 A Faithless Love
  55007 B Gone Forever
  55041 A I?m a Woman to Love
  55041 B Let Your Body Speak Your Mind
  73889 A Walk Right Back
  73889 B Try to Love Him a Little Bit More

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