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Sonny Oden
Born:  May 30, 1936
KOGT Orange, TX
KSUL Sulphur, LA
WWVA Wheeling, WV

About The Artist

Edgar Lee Oden was born in Hambur, Arkansas and became known to country music fans as Sonny Oden. An old Skeeter Bonn souvenir folio from around 1957 or so tells us that Sonny started to learn and play guitar when he was 14 years old, trying a guitar course of some sort.

He made his first public appearance on a show called the Southland Jamboree. His first professional music job was with a fellow named Bob Ashmore down in Orange, Texas. That gave him the itch to continue his musical career and he found work over radio station KOGT and later KSUL in Sulphur, Louisiana with a group called the Tune Twisters.

He made his first appearance with Skeeter Bonn on the WWVA Jamboree on August 18, 1956, as the group's lead guitarist.

It was said one of his hobbies back then was taking photographs of the other performers of the day and the audiences as well. One can only wish a peek at that collection of photos he must have taken from that era.

Credits & Sources

  • Skeeter Bonn Souvenir Photo and Song Album; Publication Date Unknown; Publisher Unknown

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