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Roy Hogsed

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Sound Sample—(YouTube Video Format)

Loafers Song (Livin' A Life of Sin)

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1201 A The Red We Want Is The Red We Got
  1201 B Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You
  1529 A Poco Loco
  1529 B Shuffleboard Shuffle
  1635 A Fishtail Boogie
  1635 B Cocaine Blues
  1721 A I Wish I Wuz
  1721 B Free Samples
  1854 A Snake Dance Boogie
  1854 B I'm Gonna Get Along Without You
  1987 A Mean, Mean Woman
  1987 B Let Your Pendulum Swing
  2083 A Stretchin' A Point
  2083 B Put Some Sugar In Your Blues
  2350 A A Bump In The Road
  2350 B Roll 'Em Dice
  2468 A It's More Fun That Way
  2468 B Red Wing
  2720 A Who Wrote That Letter To John?
  2720 B Babies And Bacon
  2807 A Too Many Chiefs
  2807 B You're Just My Style
  40120 A Fishtail Boogie
  40120 B Cocaine Blues
  40133 A Short Cut Cutie Polka
  40133 B Easy Payment Blues
  40141 A Slow Train Through Arkansas
  40141 B Twenty-Five Chickens Thirty-Five Cows
  40220 A Dill Pickles
  40220 B Let's Go Dancin'
  40274 A Cocaine Blues
  40274 B Fishtail Boogie
  40286 A Rag Mop
  40286 B Rainbow Polka
Coast Records
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  262 A Loafers Song (Livin' A Life of Sin)
  262 B Cocaine Blues

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