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Jack Greene
Born:  January 7, 1930
Died:  March 14, 2013
America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame (2005)
Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame (1988)
WSM Grand Ole Opry

About the Artist

Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about Jack Greene. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything yet.

If you have any information you can share with us such as news or magazine articles, books, song folios, photos, etc., send it along!

You can contact us at countrymusichistory@hillbilly-music.com.

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Appearance History This Month
March 7, 1968

Martinsville, VA
March 8, 1968

Goldsboro, NC
March 10, 1968

Adrian, MI
March 14, 1968

Boothville, LA
March 15, 1968

Mobile, AL
March 17, 1968

Davenport, IA
March 20, 1968

Idabel, OK
March 21, 1968

Brownwood, TX
March 22, 1968

Houston, TX
March 23, 1968

Houston, TX
March 24, 1968

San Antonio, TX
March 26, 1968

Odessa, TX
March 27, 1968

Mineral Wells, TX
March 28, 1968

Skidmore, TX
March 29, 1968

Lufkin, TX
March 30, 1968

Tulsa, OK
March 31, 1968

Knob Noster, MO

Get The Music

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  32023 A The Hardest Easy Thing
  32123 A All The Time
  32123 B Wanting You But Never Having You
  32190 A What Locks the Door
  32190 B Left Over Feelings
  32261 A If God Can Forgive You, So Can I
  32261 B You Are My Treasure
  32352 A Love Takes Care Of Me
  32352 B Your Favorite Fool
  32423 A Until My Dreams Come True
  32423 B We'll Try A Little bit Harder
  32699 A The Whole World Comes To Me
  32699 B If This Is Love
  32755 A What's the Use
  32755 B Something Unseen
  32823 A There's A Whole Lot About A Woamn
  32823 B Makin' Up His Mind
  32863 A Hanging Over Me
  32863 B Birth Of Our Love
  32939 A If You Ever Need My Love
  32939 B Ask Me To Stay
  32991 A What In The World Has gone Wrong With Our Love(w
  33008 A Satisfaction
  33008 B From Here On Out
  732490 A Statue Of A Fool
  732490 B There's More To Love
  732558 A Bach In The Arms Of Love
  732558 B The Key That Fits Her Door
  732580 A Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You
  732580 B My Tears Don't show
  732637 A Lord is That Me
  732637 B Just A Little while Ago
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40035 A The Fool I've Been Today
  40035 B You Left Me
  40108 A I Need Somebody Bad
  40108 B Joyride
  40179 A It's Time To Cross That Bridge
  40179 B Half That Much
  40263 A Sing For The Good Times
  40263 B Something Seems To Fall Apart Inside
  40354 A This Time The Hurtin' On Me
  40354 B Sawmill Depot
  40481 A He Little Thing'd Her Out Of My Arms
  40481 B Let Me Love You
  40526 A Birmingham
  40526 B My Long Gone Reason

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