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Bobby Bare
Born:  April 7, 1935
Country Music Hall of Fame (2013)

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Appearance History This Month

July 1, 1965

Chicago, IL
Bobby Bare

July 2, 1965

Chicago, IL
Bobby Bare

July 3, 1965

Chicago, IL
Bobby Bare

July 4, 1965

Onsted, MI
Bobby Bare

July 14, 1965

Springfield, MO
Bobby Bare

July 17, 1965

Shreveport, LA
Bobby Bare

July 24, 1965

Dallas , TX
Bobby Bare

July 30, 1965

Laurel, MS
Bobby Bare

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  02414 A Take Me As I Am
  02414 B White Freight Liner Blues
  03334 A I've Been Rained On Too
  03334 B Praise The Lord and Send Me
  10831 A Sleep Tight, Good Night Man
  10831 B Hot Afternoon
  11170 A Numbers
  11170 B When Hippies Get Older
  11408 A Willie Jones
  11408 B If That Ain't Love
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  73097 A How I Got To Memphis
  73097 B It's Freezing In El Paso
  73148 A Come Sundown
  73148 B Woman, You Have Been A Friend To Me
  73203 A Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends
  73203 B Where Have All The Seasons Gone
  73236 A Short and Sweet
  73236 B A Million Miles To The City
  73317 A Sylvia's Mother
  73317 B Music City USA
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  0063 A You Know Who
  0063 B Send Tomorrow To The Moon
  0197 A Daddy, What If?
  0197 B A Restless Wind
  0866 A Fallin' Apart
  0866 B I Hate Goodbyes
  0918 A Ride Me Down Easy
  0918 B A Train That Never Runs
  10318 A Alimony
  10318 B Daddy's Been Around The House Too Long
  10556 A The Winner
  10556 B Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother
  11037 A Red Neck Hippie Romance
  11037 B Bottom Dollar
  47-8032 A Shame On Me
  47-8032 B Above And Beyond
  47-8183 A Detroit City
  47-8183 B Heart Of Ice
  47-8238 A 500 Miles Away From home
  47-8238 B It All Depends on Linda
  47-8294 A Miller's Cave
  47-8294 B Jeannie's Last Kiss
  47-8358 A Have I Stayed Away Too Long
  47-8358 B More Than A Poor Boy Can Give
  47-8443 A Four Strong Winds
  47-8443 B Take Me Home
  47-8509 A Times Are Getting' Hard
  47-8509 B One Day At A Time
  47-8571 A It's Alright
  47-8571 B She Picked A Perfect Day
  47-8654 A Just To Satisfy You
  47-8654 B Memories
  47-8699 A Talk Me Some Sense
  47-8699 B Delia's Gone
  47-8758 A In the Same Old Way
  47-8758 B The Long Black Veil
  47-9098 A Charleston Railroad Tavern
  47-9098 B Vincennes
  47-9191 A Come Kiss Me Love
  47-9191 B Sandy's Crying Again
  47-9314 A Piney Wood Hills
  47-9314 B They Covered Up The Old Swimming Hole
  47-9450 A Find Out What's Happening
  47-9450 B When Am I Ever Gonna Settle Down
  47-9568 A A Little Bit Later On Down The Line
  47-9568 B Don't Do Like I Done Son
  47-9643 A The Town That Broke My Heart
  47-9643 B My Baby
  74-0110 A (Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn
  74-0110 B Rainy Day In Richmond
  74-0202 A Which One Will It Be
  74-0202 B My Frame of Mind
  74-0264 A God Bless America Again
  74-0264 B Baby What Else Can I Do
  8693 A The Game of Triangles (w/Norma Jean, Liz Anderson)
  8693 A The Game of Triangles (w/Norma Jean, Liz Anderson)
  8693 B Bye Bye Love (w/Norma Jean, Liz Anderson)
  8693 B Bye, Bye Love (w/Norma Jean, Liz Anderson)
  8851 A The Streets of Baltimore
  8851 B She Took My Sunshine Away
  8988 A Homesick
  8988 A Homesick
  8988 B Guess I'll Move On Down The Line
  8988 B Guess I'll Move On Down The Line

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