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Ted Buchanan
Born:  October 8, 1901
Died:  September 1, 1981
WWVA Original Jamboree

About The Artist

Ted Buchanan was a native of Ravenswood, West Virginia. We found out from a souvenir folio of Shorty Fincher and his Cotton Pals a bit of his career. He said he first started his radio work on WWVA in 1929 when he was with the "Hawaiian Rose Trio" and playing the Hawaiian guitar. After that, he played at various stations in the United States and Canada. Besides playing the Hawaiian guitar, he also played the musical hand saw, bass fiddle and straight guitar. His hobbies were fishing, hunting and skating.

Credits & Sources

  • Shorty Fincher and his Cotton Pals; Souvenir Folio; Publication date unknown.

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