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Pat Boyd
Born:  March 27, 1932
WERX Wyoming, MI
WMAX Grand Rapids, MI

About The Artist

A March 1956 article gushingly referred to Pat as "the only lady disc jockey in Grand Rapids...chief gravy sopper of WMAX." She took to country music almost naturally. Her parents were natives of Tennessee, growing up in the shadows of WSM's famed Grand Ole Opry.

Her popularity was such that WSM honored her as part of their ongoing "Mr. DJ - USA" program, but when she received the honor and appeared on the program, it was "Miss DJ - USA".

She was president of the Del Wood Fan Club. Del was known as the "Down Yonder" lady, her hit record on the Tennessee record label and long time Opry performer.

One publication notes she was known as Michigan's "Sweetheart of Country Music" in the early 1960s.

In early 1965, she moved to a new radio station, WERX in Wyoming, Michigan, where she continued to entertain the listening audience with the country and western music.

Credits & Sources

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  • Country and Western Jamboree; 1958 Yearbook; Spring 1958; Maher Publications, Inc.; Chicago, IL
  • Country Music Review; April 1965; Cal-Western Publications, Inc.; ANaheim, California

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