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Paul Byrd
Born:  April 26, 1909
Died:  June 15, 1979
WEED Rocky Mount, NC
WFFC Florence, SC
WGBR Goldsboro, NC
WRVA Richmond, VA
WPTF Raleigh, NC (1928)
WCKB Smithfield, NC (1949)

About The Artist

Paul Byrd came into the world on a farm near Four Oaks, NC in 1909. While growing up, he heard the strumming of a guitar and from that point on, he knew his life's work would be in music.

By the time he was 12, he had mastered the harp. Later, his dad gave him a guitar and he mastered that, too.

Paul's radio career began when he was 19 (around 1928) at station WPTF out of Raleigh, NC. Later on, he worked at stations such as WEED in Rocky Mount, NC; WFFC out of Florence, SC; WRVA in Richmond, VA; and WGBR in Goldsboro, NC. Around late 1949, Paul and his Radio Pals were being heard over WCKB in Smithfield, NC.

He must have liked Smithfield, for he had a farm on the edge of town there. In his spare time, they said he kicked back and listened to the songs of the Singing Brakeman himself, Jimmie Rodgers. He worked the farm during the summer, but come the fall season, Paul and the boys could be heard over the radio while you sipped your coffee and took in a tune or two.

Credits & Sources

  • National Jamboree; October 1949; Words to Songs, Inc.; 1 East 42nd Street, New York 17, NY

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