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Tom Tall
Born:  December 17, 1937
Died:  June 14, 2013

About The Artist

He was born Tommie Lee Guthrie in Amarillo, Texas to his parents Thurman and Flora Lee Guthrie in 1937. He had two brothers, Johnny and Bill and a sister, Susie (who was known professionally as Myrna Jay).

He married the former Betty Lou Heib on March 24, 1962 in Torrance, California.

Back in 1955, he was on the road to success. They said he was voted one of the most played artists in 1955 along with Ginny Wright on Fabor Records.

In 1956, Black Jack Wayne was bringing stars such as Tom to the Garden of Allah night spot in Niles, California.

Tom also had a sister who was a country music singer, Susie, who was known as Myrna Jay.

In 1967 Tom was part of the entertainment after the Academy of Country Music Awards show. Other entertainers who performed were Harold Hensley, Buddy Emmons, Skeets McDonald and Jerry Inman.

Some of the songs that Tom wrote included:

  • The Best Of All My Heartaches
  • Out Of Line (w/Ginny Wright)
  • To Be Alone

Credits & Sources

  • Country and Western Jamboree; July 1955; Maher Publications; Chicago, IL
  • Country Music Life; May 1967; Country Music Life Publications; P. O. Box 2366; Orange, CA
  • Country Music Life; December 1967; Country Music Life Publications; P. O. Box 2366; Orange, CA
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    Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

    Rec. No. Side Song Title
      1170 A In The Shadows Of The Night
      1170 B I Want You
      1225 A Gravy Train
      1225 B I've Seen Everything
      1305 A Hill Above The City
      1305 B Eyes Look Away
    Rec. No. Side Song Title
      45-1038 A Stack-A-Records
      45-1038 B Mary Jo
      45-1052 A To Be Alone
      45-1052 B High School Love
    Rec. No. Side Song Title
      108 A I Gave My Heart To Two People
      108 B Please Be Careful
      115 A You Loved Another One Better Than I
      115 B I Want To Walk With You
      117 A Are You Mine (w/Ginny Wright)
      117 B Somebody New (w/Ginny Wright)
      123 A Goldie Jo Malone
      123 B Underway
      125 A Give Me A Chance
      125 B Remembering You
      132 A Why Must I Wonder
      132 B Hot Rod Is Her Name
      139 A Don't You Know (w/Ruckus Tyler)
      139 B If You Know What (w/Ruckus Tyler)
    Rec. No. Side Song Title
      1210 A Bad Tuesday
      1210 B Oohin' and Aahin'
    Rec. No. Side Song Title
      305 A Three Walls
      305 B This Island

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