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Hiram Hayseed
Born:  May 30, 1889
Died:  December 15, 1959
WWVA Original Jamboree
WBAP Ft. Worth, TX (1923)

About The Artist

His real name was William H. Godwin, sometimes called "Shorty". He was also known as "Hiram Hayseed". At one time he was part of Mack Jeffers group "Mack Jeffers and his Fiddlin' Farmers" over radio station WWVA out of Wheeling, WV. He was born in southern Georgia on a farm, then his family moved to Texas when he was four, where he grew up in the heart of the cotton belt in that state.

In a souvenir folio of the Fiddlin' Farmers published in 1942, "Hiram" indicates that he had been in show business since 1916, diong vaudeville under the stage name of "The Texas Cotton Picker". He played two "seasons" with Otto Grey's "Oklahoma Cowboys" and also with Ken Hackley's "Oklahoma Cowboys".

Later, we find that "Hiram Hayseed" is part of the Doc Williams and the Border Riders cast.

Hiram Hayseed with Doc Williams and the Border Riders

Shorty was five feet six inches in height and weighed around 135 pounds, with grey eyes and sandy hair.

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