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Lulu Belle
Born:  December 24, 1913
Died:  February 8, 1999
WLS National Barn Dance
WLS Chicago, IL (1932)

About The Artist

She came to WLS as a solo artist, but later on, met and married Skyland Scotty Wiseman and they became known as Lulu Belle and Scotty.

They said that whenever she approached the microphone or appeared on stage, she chewed gum with a vengeance, but once offstage, hardly ever touched the stuff.

They said she was a '...good example of the discoveries of talent made at WLS.' Before she started with them, she had never been on the radio and was not a 'highly trained singer' and didn't have any stage experience. She had a friendly way with the folks, a good laugh. And if the yodel wasn't working right in a song, she'd just stop and do it again.

Timeline / Trivia Notes

  • Real name Myrtle Cooper
  • Married to Skyland Scotty Wiseman
  • Voted National Radio Queen in 1936
  • Appeared in "Shine On Harvest Moon" with Roy Rogers and husband Scotty and also in "Village Barn Dance"

    Appearance History This Month

    August 1, 1935
    WLS Merry-Go-Round
    Strand Theatre
    Lansing, MI
    Lulu Belle

    August 2, 1935
    WLS Merry-Go-Round
    Strand Theatre
    Lansing, MI
    Lulu Belle

    August 2, 1936
    WLS National Barn Dance (1936 Edition)
    Tourist Park
    Harbor Springs, MI
    Lulu Belle

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