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Rosalie Allen
Born:  June 27, 1924
Died:  September 24, 2003
Country Music DJ Hall of Fame (1999)
Western Music Association Hall of Fame (1993)
WCOP Hayloft Jamboree
WCOP Boston, MA
WOV New York, NY (1944)

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Rose Of the Alamo

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-1924 A Custar Polka
  20-1924 B I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
  20-2021 A Rose Of The Alamo
  20-2021 B Me Go Where You Go, Amigo
  20-2154 A Cowpuncher's Waltz
  20-2154 B Po' Folks
  20-2237 A Hitler Lives
  20-2237 B I Can't Tell That Lie To My Heart
  20-2333 A I'll Never Grieve, Oh No No No
  20-2333 B On Silver Wings To San Antone
  20-2486 A Believe Me I'll Be Lonely
  20-2486 B Mountain Polka
  20-2608 A Never Trust A Man
  20-2608 B Take It Back And Change It For A Boy
  20-2744 A Aha San Antone
  20-2744 B If I'd Only Been True To You
  20-2853 A He Lived In Texas
  20-2853 B Whoa Sailor
  20-3022 A He Taught Me To Yodel
  20-3022 B I Wasn't Born Yesterday
  20-3138 A I'd Rather Be A Cowboy
  20-3138 B Spanish Polka
  20-3279 A Wide Rollin' Plains
  20-3279 B You Ain't Where You Come From Now
  20-4227 A If You Don't Believe I'm Leavin'
  20-4227 B Playhouse Of Love
  20-4425 A I've Paid For My Mistake
  20-4425 B Shoot Him High, Paw
  20-4683 A Hills Of Pride
  20-4683 B Tomboy
  20-4752 B Wallflower Waltz
  20-4853 A It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
  20-4853 B It'd Surprise You
  20-4987 A I Gotta Have You
  20-4987 B I Laughed At Love
  20-5100 B Dream Train
  20-5121 A Hard-Hearted Woman
  20-5121 B Let Me Share Your Name
  20-5178 B Side By Side
  20-5308 A Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me
  20-5308 B Just Wait Till I Get You Alone
  20-5322 B On And On With You
  20-5379 A Castaway
  20-5379 B My Old Familiar Headache

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