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Roy Drusky
Born:  June 22, 1930
Died:  September 23, 2004
Georgia Music Hall of Fame (2001)
WSM Grand Ole Opry
KEVE Minneapolis, MN
WEAS Decatur, GA

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After You Turn Out Your Light

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  3859 A Close To Home
  3859 B One Day At A Time
  3942 A If I Could Paint The World
  3942 B Dixie Lily
  4028 A Baptism of Jesse Taylor
  4028 B I'm Knee Deep In Loving You
  4132 A Sunrise
  4132 B Warm Warm Bed
  4232 A This Life of Mine
  4232 B When My Room Gets Dark Again
  4281 A Battle for Daddy's Soul
  4281 B Never Before
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  21478 A What Am I Worth
  21478 B Come On Back And Love Me
  21516 A I Just Can't Help My Loving You
  21516 B So In Love Again
  21537 A Three Blind Mice
  21537 B I'll Make Amends
  40830 A That's When My Heartaches Began
  40830 B God Planned It That Way
  40964 A Walkin'
  40964 B I Walk To Heaven
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  30793 A Just About That Time
  30793 B Wait And See
  30943 A Our Church-Your Wedding
  30943 B Such A Fool
  31024 A Another
  31024 B Same Corner
  31109 A Anymore
  31109 B I'm So Helpless
  31164 A I Can't Tell My Heart (w/Kitty Wells)
  31164 B When Do You Love Me? (w/Kitty Wells)
  31193 A Three Hearts In A Tangle
  31193 B I'd Rather Loan You Out
  31297 A I Went Out Of My Way
  31297 B I've Got Some
  31366 A There's Always One (Who Loves A Lot)
  31366 B Marking Time
  31411 A After You Turn Out Your Light
  31411 B I'm Not Getting Over You
  31443 A Secondhand Rose
  31443 B It Worries Me
  31486 A She Never Cried When She Was Mine
  31486 B Divided Love
  31523 A My World's Losing You (w/Kitty Wells)
  31523 B Another Chance To Fall In Love (w/Kitty Wells)
  31717 A Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall
  31717 B Almost Can't
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  72204 A Peel Me A Nanner
  72204 B Room Across The Hall
  72265 A Pick of the Week
  72265 B Yesterday
  72376 A (From Now On All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers
  72376 B Birmingham Jail
  72471 A White Lightnin' Express
  72471 B Lonely Thing Called Love
  72532 A Rainbows and Roses
  72532 B Thing Called Sadness
  72586 A The World Is Round
  72586 B Unless You Make Him Set You Free
  72627 A If The Whole World Stopped Lovin'
  72627 B Too Many Footprints
  72689 A New Lips
  72689 B Now (Is A Lonely Time)
  72742 A Weakness in A Man
  72742 B I've Got The Right To The Blues
  72784 A You Better Sit Down Kids
  72784 B Let's Put Our World Back Together
  72823 A Jody And The Kid
  72823 B Your Little Deeds of Kindness
  72865 A Memphis Morning
  72865 B I Wouldn't Be Alone
  72886 A Where The Blue And Lonely Go
  72886 B I'm Gonna Get You Off My Mind
  72928 A My Grass Is Green
  72928 B Alone With You
  72964 A Such a Fool
  72964 B All Over My Mind
  73007 A I'll Make Amends
  73007 B Our Everlasting Love Has Died
  73056 A Long Long Texas Road
  73056 B Emotion Devotion
  73111 A All My Hard Times
  73111 B At Times Everyone's Blind
  73178 A I Love The Way That You've Been Lovin' Me
  73178 B (My Love For You Goes) On and On and On
  73252 A Red, Red Wine
  73252 B Without You Baby
  73712 A I Can't Go On Loving You
  73712 B You're Shakin' The Hand
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  PL-183 A Beautiful Sunday
  PL-183 B You've Got Your Troubles
  PL-187 A Last Farewell
  PL-187 B Welcome Home
  PL-194 A What A Difference A Day Makes
  PL-194 B What A Difference A Day Makes
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  135 A Such A Fool
  135 B Mumbling To Myself
  185 A Such A Fool
  185 B Mumbling To Myself
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  GRT-154 A I Used To Be A Cowboy
  GRT-154 B Don't Touch Me
  SC-0515 A Deep In The Heart of Dixie
  SC-0515 B Last Call for Alcohol
  SC-0521 A Night Flying
  SC-0521 B Lifetime In A Week
  SC-0527 A Lovers Friends and Strangers
  SC-0527 B Five String Hero
  SC-0540 A Betty's Song
  SC-0540 B Naked Truth

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