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Bonnie Lou
Born:  November 27, 1924
Died:  December 8, 2015
WLW Midwestern Hayride
KMBC Kansas City, MO
WJBC Bloomington, IL
WLS Chicago, IL
WLW Cincinnati, OH
WMBD Peoria, IL

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1192 A Seven Lonely Days
  1192 B Just Out Of Reach
  1237 A Hand-Me Down Heart
  1237 B Tennessee Wig Walk
  1384 A Tell The World
  1384 B Darlin' Why
  1414 A Tennessee Mambo
  1414 B Train Whistle Blues
  1436 A Tweedlee Dee
  1436 B The Finger Of Suspicion
  1445 A A Rusty Old Halo
  1445 B Danger! Heartbreak Ahead
  1476 A Old Faithful And True Love
  1476 B Drop Me A Line
  1506 A Miss The Love (That I've Been Dreaming Of)
  1506 B Barnyard Hop
  4835 A Daddy-O
  4835 B Dancin' In My Socks
  5009 A I Want You
  5009 B Easy Love Easy Kisses
  5033 A Kit 'N Kaboodle
  5033 B Takes Two
  5063 A Teenage Wedding
  5063 B Runnin' Away
  5094 A I'm Available
  5094 B Waiting In Vain
  5425 A Tweedle Dee
  5425 B Daddy-O
  5865 A Tennessee Wig Walk
  5865 B Seven Lonely Day
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  6183 A Lonesome Day
  6183 B Teardrops Falling In The Snow
  6227 A Meet Me, Jesus
  6227 B Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  R-4012 A A Rusty Old Halo
  R-4012 B Danger! Heartbreak Ahead

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