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Connie Sides
Born:  October 14, 1906
Died:  April 29, 1987

About The Artist

Connie Faw Sides was the teenage niece of blind musician Ernest Thompson and one of the earliest women to record country songs. She accompanied her uncle to New York in September 1924 as a guide and sang a pair of duets with him. With Ernest supporting on guitar and harmonica, she also sang five solo numbers, four of them released.

Apparently sales of her songs did not meet Columbia's expectations. She neither recorded again nor played professionally afterwards. She did, however, outlive most of her contemporary recording artists.

What little is known of her comes from the research of Bob Carlin.

Ancestry.com shows that her first husband was Gaither Fred Sides (October 31, 1902 - October 22, 1966). Connie later married Bogatsca Xendorous Linville II (October 21, 1907 - January 6, 1992). The Find-a-Grave site indicates she married her second husband on August 14, 1973.

Connie Sides - Columbia 150008-D Circa September 1924

Credits & Sources

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  15008 D A They Made It Twice As Nice
  15008 D B You're As Welcome As The Flowers In May
  15009 D A Underneath The Sugar Moon
  15009 D B In The Shadow Of The Pines

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