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Charlie Poole
and The North Carolina Ramblers
Born:  March 22, 1892
Died:  May 21, 1931

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  15038 D A Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight?
  15038 D B Don't Let The Deal Go Down
  15043 D A The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee
  15043 D B I'm The Man That Rode The Mule Round The World
  15099 D A Monkey On A String
  15099 D B White House Blues
  15106 D A Forks Of Sandy
  15106 D B Flying' Clouds
  15116 D A Leaving Home
  15116 D B There'll Come A Time
  15127 D A Ragtime Annie
  15127 D B Too Young To Marry
  15138 D A Goodbye Booze
  15138 D B Budded Rose
  15160 D A The Highway Man
  15160 D A The Highway Man
  15160 D B Hungry Hash House
  15160 D B Hungry Hash House
  15179 D A Letter That Never Came
  15179 D A Falling By The Wayside
  15179 D B The Letter That Never Came
  15179 D B Falling By The Wayside
  15184 D A Sunset March
  15184 D B Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
  15193 D A Take A Drink On Me
  15193 D A Take A Drink On Me
  15193 D B You Ain't Talkin' To Me
  15193 D B You Ain't Talking To Me
  15215 D A Coon From Tennessee
  15215 D B If I Lose, I Don't Care
  15279 D A Mountain Reel
  15279 D B Wild Horses
  15286 D A Ramblin Blues
  15286 D A Ramblin' Blues
  15286 D B Shootin' Creek
  15286 D B Shootin' Creek
  15307 D A I Cannot Call Her Mother
  15307 D B What Is Home Without Babies
  15342 D A Jealous Mary
  15342 D B The Husband And Wife Were Angry One Night
  15385 D A Hangman, Hangman, Slack The Rope
  15385 D B I Once Loved A Sailor
  15407 D A Bill Mason
  15407 D B He Rambled
  15425 D A Leaving Dear Old Ireland
  15425 D B Sweet Sunny South
  15456 D A Goodbye Mary Dear
  15456 D B The Wayward Boy
  15509 D A The Mother's Plea For Her Son
  15509 D B Baltimore Fire
  15519 D A My Gypsy Girl
  15519 D B Sweet Sixteen
  15545 D A It's Movin' Day
  15545 D B If The River Were Whiskey
  15584 D A A Young Boy Left His Home One Day
  15584 D B My Wife Went Away And Left Me
  15601 D A Goodbye Sweet Liza Jane
  15601 D B Look Before You Leap
  15615 D A Honeysuckle (w/Roy Harvey)
  15615 D B Southern Medley (w/Roy Harvey)
  15636 D A Where The Whippoorwill Is Whispering Goodnight
  15636 D B Just Keep Waiting Till The Good Times Come
  15672 D A Old And Only In The Way
  15672 D B Took My Gal A Walking
  15688 D A Milwaukee Blues
  15688 D B One Moonlit Night
  15711 D A The Only Girl I Ever Loved
  15711 D B Write Letter To My Mother

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