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Floyd Wilkins
Died:  May 26, 1947

In our research, we first find mention of Floyd Wilkins during World War II, the mid-1940s. We could not find much details about him other than he was often a co-writer for various tunes of the day.

The songs would show up in the song folios of the era, such as Clyde & Slim (The Roving Hillbillies) Farm and Fireside Songs, Bud Messner and the Skyline Boys Song Folio, Milton Estes and His Musical Millers Song Folio Number 1, Blaine Smith Historic Album Favorite as well as magazines such as Cowboy Songs.

In 1944, Cowboy Music World listed him in their Songwriters Honor Roll as one of those songwriters who had written over 100 tunes.

We've tried to compile a summary of the tunes he was associated with during that era. You will see some are of a patriotic theme related to the war as well as other topics.

  • I'm Just A Boy From the Mountains
    with Milton Estes
  • There's No Cure For This Ache In My Heart
    with Milton Estes
  • It's Too Late For Tears
    with Milton Estes
  • Mountain Maw
    with Milton Estes
  • I'll Be Coming Back To You
    with Phil Kalar
  • There's A Little Blue Star In The Window (Of The Little White House Down The Lane)
    with Russ Hull and Phil Kalar
  • There's A Gold Star Hanging In The Window (Where a Blue Star Used To Be)
    with Ray Marcell and Russ Hull
  • I Guess I'll Be Gettin' Along
  • Somehow Love Will Find a Way
    with Lew Mel
  • The Love You Threw Away
    with Wallace Fowler
  • Don't Worry 'Bout Me
    with Ray Marcell
  • I Hope I Never Wake Up
    with Russ Hull

    Reportedly recorded by The Saddlemates on Dome Records and by Blaine Smith on Bullet Records
  • So Carelessly
    with Wally Fowler
  • When The Roses Bloom In Tennessee
    with Wally Fowler
  • There's a Blue Moon Over Smoky Mountain
    with Russ Hull
  • I'm Not Worth The Tears You Shed For Me
    with Russ Hull
  • No Wonder I'm Blue
    with Wallace Fowler
  • With Tears In My Heart
    with Wallace Fowler
  • In 1947, Matt Pelkonent wrote in his regular "Matt's Chats" feature in National Hillbilly News of perhaps some insight as to what else Floyd did. He mentions a Floyd Wilkins living in Albany, New York. Up to that time, Floyd had an undisclosed job with the government. He had taken on the distributorship for the Bullet Record label in New York.

    In another issue, we found a snippet that tells us Floyd had moved to Brooklyn, New York. He had just co-written two tunes with Wally Fowler, So Carelessly and When The Roses Bloom In Tennessee and were recorded by Wally on Capitol Records.

    In Matt Pelkonen's September 1947 column, he notes that he "was shocked" to learn of the sudden death of his friend, Floyd Wilkins, who he said at the time was in Albany, New York. He passed away at home and was the eastern manager for Wallace Fowler publications that was headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Pelkonen notes he was survived by his wife and two sons.

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