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Buell Kazee
Born:  August 29, 1900
Died:  August 31, 1976

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Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about Buell Kazee. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything yet.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  144 A Roll On John
  144 B John Hardy
  145 A Rock Island
  145 B Old Whisker Bill
  154 A Darling Cora
  154 B East Virginia
  155 A The Ship That's Sailing High On The Water
  155 B If You Love Your Mother
  156 A The Roving Cowboy
  156 B The Little Mohee
  157 A The Old Maid
  157 B Sporting Bachelors
  206 A Faded Coat Of Blue
  206 B Don't Forget Me, Little Darling
  210 A Snow Deer (w/Sookie Hobbs)
  210 B Red Wing (w/Sookie Hobbs)
  211 A The Orphan Girl
  211 B Poor Little Orphan Boy
  212 A The Cowboy's Farewell
  212 B Lady Gay
  213 A The Wagoner's Lads
  213 B The Butcher Boy
  214 A The Dying Soldier
  214 B Short Life Of Trouble
  215 A Little Bessie
  215 B My Mother
  216 A In The Shadow Of The Pines
  216 B You Taught Me How To Love
  217 A Poor Boy Long Way From Home
  217 B You Are False But I'll Forgive You
  218 A Married Girl's Troubles
  218 B Gambling Blues
  330 A Steel A-Goin' Down
  330 B The Hobo's Last Ride
  338 A Mountain Boys First Record Pt.2
  338 B Mountain Boy Makes His First Record
  351 A Toll The Bells
  351 B The Blind Man
  436 A Roving Cowboy
  436 B Little Mohee
  437 A The Waggoner's Lad
  437 B The Butcher's Boy
  481 A Cowboy Trail
  481 B I'm Rolling Along
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  05221 A In The Shadow Of The Pines
  05221 B You Taught Me How To Love You Now Teach Me To Forg
  05231 B My Mother
  05231 B Little Bessie

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