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Bob Ferguson
Born:  December 30, 1927
Died:  July 22, 2001

About The Artist

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  158 A I Wish I Was Single Again
  158 B Wild Bill Jones
  159 A Railroad Daddy
  159 B Thrills That I Can't Forget
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  15297 D A Eleven Cent Cotton, Forty Cent Meat Pt.2
  15297 D B Eleven Cent Cotton
  15433 D A Keep On Keeping On (w/His Scalawagers)
  15433 D B Toodle Lolly Day (w/His Scalawagers)
  15476 D A Dry Voting Wet Drinkers (w/His Scalawagers)
  15476 D B The Farmer's Letter To The President (w/His Scalawagers)
  15529 D A Golden Wings (w/His Scalawagers)
  15529 D B Missouri Joe (w/His Scalawagers)
  15553 D A They're Hanging Old Jonesy Tomorrow (w/His Scalawagers)
  15553 D B Prisoner's Letter To The Governor (w/His Scalawagers)
  15616 D A Wild And Reckless Hobo (w/His Scalawagers)
  15616 D B Little Red Caboose (w/His Scalawagers)
  15657 D A Corn Pone And Pot Likker (w/Charlotte Miller)
  15657 D B Corn Pone And Pot Likker (w/Charlotte Miller)
  15664 D A 1930 Drought (w/His Scalawagers)
  15664 D B Bank Failures (w/His Scalawagers)
  15677 D B The Strawberry Roan
  15704 D A Anna May
  15704 D B Clover Blossoms
  15727 D A What Does The Deep Sea Say
  15727 D B The Crime Of Harry Powers (w/His Scalawagers)
  15732 D A Death Of Jack Legs Diamond (w/His Scalawagers)
  15732 D B The Unmarked Grave (w/His Scalawagers)
  15739 D A Fifty Years Repentin' (w/His Scalawagers)
  15739 D B New Twenty One Years
  15759 D A There's A New Star Up In Heaven (w/His Scalawagers)
  15759 D B Charles A Lindbergh Jr.
  15760 D A Nobody To Love (w/Shelby Singers)
  15760 D B The Voice In The Old Village Choir (w/Shelby Singers)
  15782 D A Crash Of The Akron

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