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Cliff Bruner
and His Texas Wanderers
Born:  April 25, 1915
Died:  August 25, 2000

About The Artist

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That's What I Like About The South

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  102 A Santa Fe Waltz
  102 B Rio Grande Polka
  103 A San Antonio Blues
  103 B Unfaithful
  105 A You Took Advantage Of A Lonely Heart
  105 B Ouch
  107 A Out Of Business
  107 B Mr. Postman
  109 A Sweetest Little Danny
  109 B I Was A Gambler In Texas
  112 A You Better Do Better Baby
  112 B Hard Luck Blues
  113 A You Got To Give Me What's Mine
  113 B I'm Dying By Pieces Dear
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  64001 A I'll Keep On Loving You
  64001 B Kangaroo Blues
  64042 A If It's Wrong To Love You
  64042 B I'll Try Not To Cry
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  46011 A It Makes No Difference Now
  46011 B I Keep Thinking Of You
  46026 A Snowflakes
  46026 B That's What I Like About The South
  46033 A I'll Try Not To Cry
  46033 B My Pretty Blonde
  46044 A Won't You Mend My Aching Heart?
  46044 B Born To Be Blue
  46098 A Sparkling Blue Eyes
  46098 B Ten Pretty Girls
  46101 A Don't Make Me Blue
  46101 B You Always Hurt The One You Love
  5334 A Milk Cow Blues
  5334 B Bringing Home The Bacon
  5337 A Cant Nobody Truck Like Me
  5337 B You Got To Hi De Ho
  5350 A Four Or Five Times
  5350 B Corrinne Corrina
  5368 A So Tired
  5368 B Under The Silvery Moon
  5401 A Blue Of The Night
  5401 B The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole
  5434 A Ain't Gonna Give None Of My Jelly Roll
  5434 B Shine
  5469 A Oh You Pretty Woman
  5469 B Old Fashioned Love
  5474 A I Saw Your Face In Moon
  5474 B Beaumont Rag
  5485 A Sunbonnet Sue
  5485 B My Daddy My Mother & Me
  5499 A Baby Wont You Please Come
  5499 B Dream Train
  5515 A Oh How I Miss You Tonight
  5515 B By A Window At End Of Lane
  5529 A Red Lips Kiss My Blues
  5529 B One Sweet Letter
  5543 A You Can Depend On Me
  5543 B River Stay Away From My Door
  5560 A Girl Of My Dreams
  5560 B Sugar
  5582 A Tonight You Belong To Me
  5582 B Trucking On Down
  5604 A It Makes No Difference
  5604 B I Hate To Lose You
  5610 A Ease My Wearied Mind
  5610 B Dragging The Bow (Get It)
  5619 A Bring It Home To Grandma
  5619 B Sitting On The Moon
  5624 A (I Wish I Could) Shimmy Like Sister Kate
  5624 B Kangaroo Blues (O.Shepard)
  5638 A Yearning Just For You
  5638 B My Bonnie Lies Over Ocean
  5647 A Annie Laurie
  5647 B Remember
  5660 A When You're Smiling
  5660 B Old Joe Turner Blues
  5672 A I'll Keep Loving You
  5672 B Over Moonlit Waters
  5681 A I Wish I'd Never Learned To Love
  5681 B Wonder Stomp (A.Scanlin)
  5691 A Meet Me In Loveland
  5691 B Rosetta
  5719 A I Still Care For You
  5719 B Is This A Dream
  5725 A I'm Tired Of You
  5725 B Truck Driver Blues
  5728 A Kelly Swing
  5728 B San Antonio Rose
  5743 A Singing The Lowdown Blues
  5743 B Star Dust
  5753 A Little White Lies
  5753 B The Other Way
  5769 A The Girl You Loved Long Ago
  5769 B Jessie
  5785 A Over The Hill
  5785 B Its All Over Now
  5797 A Peggy Lou
  5797 B Tell Me Why Little Girl
  5808 A I'll Keep On Smiling
  5808 B I'll Forgive You
  5819 A Because
  5819 B I'm Still In Love With You
  5824 A Sparkling Blue Eyes
  5824 B Ten Pretty Girls
  5836 A Take Me Back Again
  5836 B I'm Heading For That Ranch In The Sky
  5849 A You Don't Love Me (But I'll Love You)
  5849 B Over The Trail
  5860 A New Falling Rain Blues
  5860 B Sorry
  5871 A I Keep Thinking Of You
  5871 B Neath The Purple On Hills
  5953 A Draft Board Blues
  5953 B Tequilla Rag (Bruner)
  5961 A Sun Has Gone Down
  5961 B Let Me Smile My Last Smile At You
  5974 A Jessie's Sister
  5974 B My Time Will Come Someday
  6012 A Red River Rose
  6012 B I'll Be Faithful
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  6046 A Lucille From Mobile
  6046 B You Were All The World To Me
  6113 A Fire Water
  6113 B Someone To Tell My Troubles To

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