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Webb Pierce
Born:  August 8, 1926
Died:  February 24, 1991
Country Music Hall of Fame (2001)
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
WSM Grand Ole Opry
KENT Shreveport, LA
KTBS Shreveport, LA
KMLB Monroe, LA (1944)
KWKH Shreveport, LA (1950)
WSM Nashville, TN (1952)

About The Artist

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

4 Star
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1357 A Heebie Jeebie Blues
  1357 B Sweetheart I Love You So
  1413 A English Sweetheart
  1413 B High Geared Daddy
  1447 A Groovie Boogie Woogie Boy
  1447 B New Panhandle Rag
  1479 A Georgia Rag
  1479 B Boys I Saw Your Face In The Moon
  1517 A Hawaiian Echoes
  1517 B I've Loved You Forever It Seems
  1601 A Heebie Jeebie Blues
  1601 B High Geared Daddy
  1610 A Hawaiian Echos
  1610 B I Saw You Face In The Moon
  1616 A Georgia Rag
  1616 B Lucky Lee
  1629 A Jilted Love
  1629 B I'm Happy You Hurt Me
  X-69 A Sweetheart You Know I Love You So
  X-69 B English Sweetheart
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  28091 A That Heart Belongs To Me
  28091 B So Used To Loving You
  28369 A Back Street Affair
  28369 B I'll Always Take Care Of You
  28431 A Country Church
  28431 B Bow Thy Head
  28534 A I'll Go On Alone
  28534 B That's Me Without You
  28594 A I Haven't Got The Heart
  28594 B The Last Waltz
  28725 A Don't Throw Your Life Away
  28725 B It's Been So Long
  28834 A There Stands The Glass
  28834 B I'm Walking The Dog
  28991 A You Just Can't Be True
  28991 B Slowly
  29107 A Even Tho'
  29107 B Sparklin' Brown Eyes
  29155 A Mother Calling My Name In Prayer
  29155 B Bugle Call From Heaven
  29252 A More And More
  29252 B You're Not Mine Anymore
  29391 A In The Jailhouse Now
  29391 B I'm Gonna Fall Out Of Love With You
  29480 A I Don't Care
  29480 B Your Good For Nothing Heart
  29662 A Love, Love, Love
  29662 B If You Were Me
  29755 A Why Baby Why (w/Red Sovine)
  29755 B Sixteen Tons (Red Sovine only)
  29805 A 'Cause I Love You
  29805 B Yes I Know Why
  29974 A Any Old Time
  29974 B We'll Find A Way
  30045 A Teenage Boogie
  30045 B I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me
  30155 A I'm Tired
  30155 B It's My Way
  30183 A Oh So Many Years (w/Kitty Wells)
  30183 B Can You Find It In Your Heart (w/Kitty Wells)
  30255 A Honky Tonk Song
  30255 B Someday
  30419 A Holiday For Love
  30419 B Don't Do It Darling
  30489 A One Week Later (w/Kitty Wells)
  30489 B When I'm With You (w/Kitty Wells)
  30550 A How Long
  30550 B New Panhandle Rag
  30623 A Cryin' Over You
  30623 B You'll Come Back
  30711 A Falling Back To You
  30711 B Tupelo County Jail
  30789 A Sittin' Alone
  30789 B I'm Letting You Go
  30858 A A Thousand Miles Ago
  30858 B What Goes On In Your Heart
  30923 A I Ain't Never
  30923 B Shanghied
  31058 A Is It Wrong
  31058 B (Doin' The) Lover's Leap
  31118 A Drifting Texas Sand
  31118 B All I Need Is You
  31197 A There's More Pretty Girls Than One
  31197 B Let Forgiveness In
  31249 A Sweet Lips
  31249 B Last Night
  31298 A Walking The Streets
  31298 B How Do You Talk To A BAby
  31347 A Alla My Love
  31347 B You Are My Life
  31380 A Crazy Wild Desire
  31380 B Take Time
  31421 A Cow Town
  31421 B Sooner Or Later
  31451 A Sawmill
  31451 B If I Could Come Back
  31488 A Sands Of Gold
  31488 B Nobody's Darling But Mine
  31544 A Those Wonderful Years
  31544 B If The Back Door Could Talk
  31582 A Waiting A Lifetime
  31582 B Love Come To Me
  31663 A Finally (w/Kitty Wells)
  31663 B He Made You For Me (w/Kitty Wells)
  31704 A That's Where My Money Goes
  31704 B Broken Engagement
  31737 A Loving You Then Losisng You
  31737 B Let Me Live A Little
  31816 A Who Do I Think I Am
  31816 B Hobo The Rose
  31867 A Christmas At Home
  31867 B Sweet Memories
  31924 A You Ain't No Better Than Me
  31924 B The Champ
  31954 A You Ain't No Better Than Me
  31982 A A Loser
  31982 A A Loner
  31982 B Love's Something
  32033 A Where'd You Stay Last Night
  32033 A Where'd Ya Stay Last Night
  32033 B She's Twenty One
  32033 B She's Twenty-One
  32098 A Goodbye City, Goodbye Girl
  32098 B That Same Old Street
  32167 A Fool Fool Fool
  32167 B Bottles and Babies
  32246 A Luzianna
  32246 B Somebody Please Kiss My Sweet Thing
  32339 A In Another World
  32339 B Stranger In A Strange, Strange City
  32438 A No Tears Tonight
  32438 B If I Had Last Night To Live Over
  32762 A The Way We Were Back Then
  32762 B Showing His Dollar
  32787 A Tell Him That You Love Him
  32787 B Heartaches Are For Lovers
  32855 A Someone Stepped In (and Stole Me Blind)
  32855 B I Miss The Little Things
  32884 A I Owe It To My Heart
  32884 B Above Suspicion
  32924 A Hey, Good Lookin'
  32924 B Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful
  46364 A Wondering
  46364 B New Silver Bells
  732508 A This Thing
  732508 B Does My Memory Ever Cross Your Mind
  732577 A The Other Side Of You
  732577 B Love Ain't Never Gonna Be No Better
  732641 A Merry-Go-Round world
  732641 B Fool's Night Out
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5366 A New Panhandle Rag
  5366 B It's All Between The Lines
  5429 A Jilted Love
  5429 B Georgia Rag
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40048 A Foreign Girl
  40048 B What The People Say
  40048 B Foreign Girl
  40128 A When You're Living In Hell
  40128 B Lo-Lenna
  40255 A Take The Time It Takes
  40255 B Honey (Open that Door)
  40310 A I'm Ashamed To Be Here
  40310 B I Know, I Know, I Know
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  131 A The Good Lord Giveth (and Uncle Sam Taketh Away)
  131 B Send My Love To Me
  141 A That's Me Without You
  141 B Appleton

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