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Patti Page
Born:  November 8, 1927
Died:  January 1, 2013
Academy of Country Music Pioneer (1979)
KTUL Tulsa, OK

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  42671 A Pretty Boy Lonely
  42671 B Just A Simple Melody
  42791 A Say Wonderful Things
  42791 B I Knew I Would See Him Again
  42857 A Maybe He'll Come Back To Me
  42857 B Nobody
  43345 A You Can't Be True Dear
  43345 B Who's Gonna Shoe My Pretty Little Feet
  44115 A Same Old You
  44115 B Walkin' Just Walkin'
  45159 A I Wish I Had A Mommy Like You
  45159 B He'll Never Take The Place Of You
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5534 A Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
  5534 B The Tennessee Waltz
  5595 A I Love You Because
  5595 B Mockingbird Hill
  5706 A And So To Sleep Again
  5706 B One Sweet Letter
  70127 A Oo! What You Do To Me
  70127 B Now That I'm In Love
  70183 A This Is My Song
  70183 B Butterflies
  70230 A Milwaukee Polka
  70230 B My World Is You
  70302 A Cross Oveer The Bridge
  70302 B My Restless Lover
  70380 A Steam Heat
  70380 B Lonely Days
  70416 A What A Dream
  70416 B I Cried
  70458 A The Mama Doll Song
  70458 B I Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango
  70511 A Let Me Go Lover
  70511 B Hocus Pocus
  70528 A You Too Can Be A Dreamer
  70528 B Everlovin'
  70579 A Keep Me In Mind
  70579 B Little Crazy Quilt
  70607 A I Love To Dance With You
  70607 B Nearer To You
  70657 A Piddley Patter Patter
  70657 B Every Day
  70713 A Croce Di Oro
  70713 B Search My Heart
  70766 A Go On With The Wedding
  70766 B The Voice Inside
  70820 A Too Young To Go Steady
  70820 B My First Formal Gown
  71059 A The Wall
  71059 B A Poor Man's Roses
  71101 A Old Cape Cod
  71101 B Wondering
  71189 A I'll Remember Today
  71189 B My How The Time Goes By
  71247 A Bring Us Together
  71247 B Belonging To Someone
  71294 A These Worldly Wonders
  71294 B Another Time, another Place
  71331 A Longing To Hold You Again
  71331 B Left Right Out Of Your Heart
  71366 A Fibbin'
  71366 B You Will Find Your Love
  71400 A Trust In Me
  71400 B Under The Sun Valley Moon
  71510 A Goodbye Charlie
  71510 B Because Him Is A Baby
  71695 A I Need You
  71695 B I Wish I'd Never Been Born
  71745 A That's All I Need To Know
  71745 B Don't Read The Letter
  71870 A Dark Moon
  71870 B Broken Heart and A Pillow Filled With Tears
  71950 A Most People Get Married
  71950 B You Don't Know Me
  72013 A The Boy's Night Out
  72013 B Three Fools
  72044 A Everytime I Hear Your Name
  72044 B Let's Cry Together
  73162 A I Wish I Could Take That Little Boy Home
  73162 B Give Him Love
  73199 A Make Me Your Kind Of Woman
  73199 B I Wish I Was A Little Boy Again
  73249 A Think Again
  73249 B A Woman Left Lonely
  73280 A Jody and The Kid
  73280 B The Things We Care About
  73347 A Hello We're LOnely
  73347 B We're Not Getting Old

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