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Salutes The
WRVA Old Dominion Barn Dance


Zag Pennell

"Just give me something to remember you by...
A scribbled note; a bit of verse; a faded flow'r...
Some little keepsake of a friendship true, that I
May cherish up against some lonely hour."

  From Opening quotation of Renfro Valley Keepsake souvenir program / book; published by Renfro Valley Enterprises, Inc. 1940.

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Hillbilly Heaven Roll Call 2016

While we may have lost their voices, their music, history and memories will live on for us to enjoy. Remember those who left our earthly stage for Hillbilly Heaven in 2016 (updated June 2017 based on recent research)...

Red Simpson
Ramblin' Lou Schriver
Curtis Potter
Cliff Warren
Sonny James
Judy Arthur (Judy and Jen)
Ray Griff
Merle Haggard
Jimmy Sea(y)
Ralph Stanley
Joltin' Jim McCoy
Melvin Goins
Kathy Withrow (Rhytm Rascals)
Judy Perkins
John D. Loudermilk
Jean Shepard
Allen (Slim) Roberts
Marcella Isaac (Marcia Hall)
Gordie Tapp

Hillbilly Heaven Roll Call 2015

While we may have lost their voices, their music, history and memories will live on for us to enjoy. Remember those who left our earthly stage for Hillbilly Heaven in 2015 (updated June 2017 based on recent research)...

Little Jimmy Dickens
Darline Zipf
Dusty Owens
Clyde Beavers
Johnny Gimble
Jim Ed Brown
Buddy Emmons
Patsy Stoneman
Lynn Anderson
Billy Sherrill
Ray (Carl Stuart) Schacht
Bonnie Lou

Hillbilly Heaven Roll Call 2014

While we may have lost their voices, their music, history and memories will live on for us to enjoy. Remember those who left our earthly stage for Hillbilly Heaven in 2014 (updated June 2017 based on recent research)...

Charlie Mercer
Phil Everly
Western Nell
Nora Lou Martin
Jerry (Carrot Top) Dykes
Smokey Smith
Penny DeHaven
Mozelle Phillips
Dallas (Nevada Slim) Turner
Ernie (Sunflower Wrangler) Margheim
Bernice Haium
Herb (The Bronze Buckaroo) Jeffries
Weldon Myrick
Vivian Burke
Jimmy C. Newman
Russ Garner
Betty Cody
Lois Johnson
Charlie Haden
George Riddle
Georgia Mae
Eddie Wallace (Sunshine Boys)
Dick Shuey
Betty Gribbin
Dick Hill
George Hamilton IV
Lois Pierson
Pappy Gube Beaver
Embert Mishler

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Yes, Hillbilly Music. You may perhaps wonder why. You may even snicker. But trust us, soon your feet will start tappin' and before you know it, you'll be comin' back for more...Hillbilly Music.

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Just because it's history, doesn't mean we don't find or hear about something new. Our recent updates include:

Dusty Owens - Dusty Owens Dusty tells us about his career in his own words.
Early Michigan & Iowa years
WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic

Country Music
The way you remember it!

Colonel Alex Zander Combs Colonel Combs - It's time to reach back and feature one of the real old-timers in country music history. Someone born in the 1880s. We have a certain fondness for the folks that performed on WIBW in Topeka, Kansas. We thought we would feature one of its legendary performers - a farmer, military veteran of two World Wars, an auctioneer and fiddler. He also holds a couple of "firsts" with the station as well. He was quite a character.

Bob Flannery Bob Flannery - Bob's mother was Violet (Billie) of the Flannery Sisters duo. Bob's musican journey took him to Laredo, Texas where he worked for XENT and then moved on to KPAB. His first break came when Randy Blake, DJ for WJJD heard him sing and recommended him to Lee Gillette of Capitol Records. He also did a duet record with WLS's Phyllis Brown singing a Floyd Tillman tune. Bob also played the steel guitar.

Durwood Haddock Durwood Haddock - A songwriter, performer in the classic sound. He appeared on the Big D Jamboree in Dallas several times. He is known for the monster hit he wrote, "There She Goes" in 1955 with Eddie Miller. He later recorded a tribute CD to accompany a biography written by his friend Arnold Rodgers along with Jerry Langley on the life and times of Jenny Lou Carson. He also had one of his tunes featured in the 2003 Bruce Willis movie "The Whole Ten Yards".

Roy Lee Harmon Roy Lee Harmon - Poet laureate. Sports editor and columnist. Fishing columnist. Elected to House of Delegates with Robert Byrd in West Virginia. Moved to Beckley after experiencing one flood too many. Wrote the local high school official song. Published several books of poems, including "Hillbilly Ballads."

Henry Hornsbuckle Henry Hornsbuckle - Was this his real name or the character he developed that stayed with him? We'll leave it to you to read and find out. He along with "Widder Green" were part of the characters on "The Fireside Party" over WLS in the 1930s. He went on to publish a household hints monthly newsletter called "Henry's Exchange Hint Monthly."

Merle Housh Merle Housh - We reach back for another WIBW alumni who's career took him also to Chicago and WLS as well as a stint in Iowa under the name of Red Ellis. He was part of the Hiram and Henry team, a musician, talented writer. And took on the part of many characters.

Hugh X. Lewis Hugh X. Lewis - One of Nashville's prolific songwriters. He wrote "B.J. the D.J." for Stonewall Jackson. He wrote "Take My Ring Off Your Finger" for Carl Smith. And has had tunes recorded by Charley Pride, Del Reeves, Little Jimmie Dickens, Lynn Anderson Jim Ed Brown and more. He also hosted a syndicated television show - "Hugh X. Lewis Country Club". He has appeared in several movies as well.

Red Perkins Red Perkins - We continue to learn about artists of those bygone eras and are able to tap into many more resources on the internet. Red recorded for the King and DeLuxe labels. He had his own televsion show over WLW-D in Dayton, Ohio for a time and was the first to have recorded "Big Blue Diamonds".

Keep clicking around - there's always something new spopping up on Hillbilly-Music.com.

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